Thursday, July 23, 2015

30 Minutes Magic

STEP : 1

Read English newspaper atleast for half an hour everyday

STEP : 2 

When to read newspaper try to learn atleast 3 new english words

STEP : 3

When you learn  a new word, learn its spelling, meanings and antonyms

STEP : 4

Whatever the 3 new words which you learn try to frame 3 new sentences with those words.

STEP : 5 

Try to frame 3 different questions out of the 3 new sentences what you learn in daily basis.

STEP : 6

Take the newspaper in hand and stand in front of the mirror and read the newspaper loudly for half an hour everday.

STEP : 7

Watch English news everyday atleast for half an hour.

STEP : 8

When you watch English news, try to understand the pronunciation of 3 new words.

STEP : 9

Inside the college or school or office premises, try to speak only in English initially for 10 minutes a day and then try to gradually increase the time.

The most important things to be done when you ready to learn English.

1) Planning

2) Preparation

3) Execution

Other than the above which may give you more interest to learn this language:

a) Innovation

b) Time Period

c) Attitude

d) Passion

e) Knowledge

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